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We have ethical working style and easy to understand procedure that guarantees you’ll have confidence in our approach. We work in an open, friendly and transparent environment, adopting a partnership approach that protects your reputation.

So the benefits for you and Your Contractors include:

Market Leading Experience

We offer both Umbrella and Limited Company Services to your contractors’; an example of potential pay to help workers decide which route is best for their needs.

  • Contractors will always get timely payment
  • Minimal administration
  • We will set up all your contractors on the same day
  • Agency and contractors will have a dedicated account manager
  • Quick turnaround to any queries – dealt with in a matter of hours, not days.
  • Friendly and industry expert staff to provide help with any payroll matter.

Compliance and Compatible with:

  • Eliminate your risks associated with employment. Liability is with Benifacts as the employer
  • Removes the risk of IR35 and MSC
  • AWR, Simplified. As an agency you can be assured that as long as you complete your own due diligence checks, you will not fall foul of the legislation.
  • Fully HMRC compliant softwares
  • All contractors employed under over-arching contracts, complaint with all relevant employment legislation (AWR & NMW)
  • All payments subject to PAYE, no offshore, payday-to-payday, or other tax schemes used
  • Expenses only claimed where they are properly verified by our internal audit team
  • No risk of debt transfer, HMRC sanction or retrospective contractor tax bills
  • No risk of false self-employment as contractors become our direct employees
  • Full insurance cover for all our workers (Public Liability, Employers Liability, and Professional Indemnity)
  • Passport, Right to Work Visas and other documents are verified by our team of experts

Operational flexibility to fit in with you:

  • Master vendor agreements (or) Self Billing Agreements
  • Data receipt (from simple timesheets to imports)
  • Batched and/or individual invoicing
  • Advance payments for late time-sheets at no extra cost.
  • Have the opportunity to attract incentives when working in partnership with Benifacts
  • Save on HR overheads and employee benefits such as sick pay and redundancy payments
  • Be protected from breaching strict HMRC rules and incurring fines and penalties
  • Have access to the history of all the transactions and breakdowns of all contractors working for them

Once we begin our professional relationship with the recruitment company i.e. you, we are pleased to discuss commercial rewards like referral incentives (or) commission structure (or) partnership model which are always compliant and legitimate as per industry standards.


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