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“We understand the challenges you face daily – finding new, good jobs and matching appropriate candidates to them. This keeps you busy, and the last thing you need is a trustworthy payroll solution for your contractors.”

Benifacts Umbrella is a professional Umbrella Company based in the UK for contractors who are new or experienced in the field of contracting. We help recruitment agencies with a hassle free and transparent service for their contractors. We are here to ensure that the pay of their contractors is always fully compliant with the law. We work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that our policy and procedure are always up to date.

As an Umbrella company we employ the contractor so that there is a clearly defined employment status. This means that when it comes to the numerous employment rights which immediately apply to a direct employer/employee engagement, we take on the responsibility.

How do your contractors get paid?

Contractor submits to us their signed timesheet & expense claim forms together with the receipts that are required. We will check that their expense claims are legitimate and reasonable, and we revert to them if this is not the case.

On receipt of authorised timesheets or self-billing agency schedules, we will invoice the agency or end-client for the time they have worked. We have same day invoicing policy.

On receipt of our invoice, the recruitment agency will make payment to us through the BACS system. We will then process their salary and expenses, deduct all necessary tax and national insurance, our fee and then transfer their net money to the account of the contractor.

They will have immediate access to your cleared funds with most reputed banks otherwise they will be paid by BACS which normally takes between one or two working days to get credited to their account. Upon processing the payment, we will send an SMS message advising when the funds will be available to them.

A pay-slip will be sent to contractors either by post or by email (as per preference) for each pay processed.

Giving a helping hand to your recruiters

Once you refer contractor to Benifacts Umbrella, your contractor will receive a call from our Team, ensuring they understand how we work in order for everything to run smoothly during their employment with us.

We will send your contractor a welcome pack with the detailed handbook to refer.

Our team can be contacted directly - Monday to Friday, 8am – 5.30pm, where any queries will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

You will be allocated an Account Manager who will become your single point of contact. They will be on hand to provide advice and support whenever you need it. They can also provide training and answer questions on industry specific subject such as IR35, AWR, and more. They will also assist you to understand your contractor’s pay details if required and shall provide you with ad-hoc documentations if needed.


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