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As an Umbrella company we employ the contractor so that there is a clearly defined employment status. This means that when it comes to the numerous employment rights which immediately apply to a direct employer/employee engagement, we take the full responsibility.

“Legislation can be a concern; we eliminate this from you”. We keep ourselves up to date with industry news and work closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that our processes and procedures aligned with government legislations.

Managed Service / 3rd Party Debt Transference:

Under this legislation you are potentially at risk of a transferred tax bill if one of your payroll providers is found to be operating as a Managed Service Company and HMRC are unable to recover outstanding tax from them. Benifacts Umbrella would be pleased to submit any questionnaires or compliance checks that you wish us to take care of.

Umbrella Companies and the AWR:

Contractors working through umbrella companies are to be classified ‘agency workers’ through AWR and given equal rights with their clients. In practice however, this is rarely the case and umbrella companies have opted for a number of different ways to avoid putting this responsibility on their clients. All of the responsible and reputable umbrella companies are aware of the AWR rules and have adjusted their rules accordingly with most opting for the SDM (Swedish Derogation) offering permanent employment to their contractors or the professional services contract with exemptions.


IR35 is the reference number that was given to an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC, formerly Inland Revenue) budget day press release (9th March 1999) which first announced the intention of the Government to introduce new rules and regulations that would affect those who provide services via an intermediary.

IR35 is aimed at catching those workers who HMRC believe are effectively employees if it was not for the wrapper of incorporation provided by the intermediary.

As we run a PAYE payroll service and contractors become our employees there is no risk to them or you around IR35.

Minimum Wage Legislation:

We are aware of the fact that all workers, contractors or PAYE, are entitled to the National Minimum Wage. Our expenses process takes into consideration the effect of claiming back legitimate business expenses, and this will have impact on a contractor’s hourly rate. The legitimate expenses are allotted only within these limits, and if necessary we will carry forward expenses to the next payroll cycle. We will never pay below the minimum wage.

In case of need of any further assistance on Compliance, please feel free to speak to our Compliance Experts and know about how we can help you - 0203 519 2121


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